Net-Builder is a product of:

Net-Builder is a simple, dynamic, and automatic way of publishing your site to the web. Through our web interface, you can manage content, links, files, and images just like you would in a word processing application.

Front End Features Include:
  • Professional design templates which you can customize with your logo and color preference. See the Examples section to view design options.
  • Contact Form
  • HTML Navigation for ease-of-use and maximum flexibility
  • A convenient system of primary and secondary navigation which allows your users to move around your site with ease
Back End Features Include:
An Easy-to-use editing tool that gives you complete control over the content on your website to:
  • Add up to two levels of navigation
  • Edit all navigation and sub-navigation
  • Change the order of navigation
  • Add and edit text
  • Edit font sizes, styles and colors
  • Add images
  • Create links, tables and bulleted lists
  • File Management Database - to allow you to upload all kinds of file formats (Word, PDF's Excel, etc.)and link to them from your content areas
  • Image Database - post images to any page of your site, place them where you want them, and expand them to the size you want
  • Online Training and Reference Manual - once you subscribe as a Net-Builder customer, we provide you with online documentation at your fingertips to assist you along the way
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